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Have you ever been frightened? Or felt the terror while you were going home at night, that someone maybe is following and stalking you?

You perhaps have, and that is what the game is about. Its not just about the fear, its about playing with your sweet mind. Demented is packed with all of it.

<quote=you>Just like every gamedeveloper says! How do we know then? </quote=you>

I will put it this way. Even me, the developer making the game am terrified although I know what is going to happen next. So can you image the fear now?

To make this possible I will introduce games system WCD, which stand for World Changing Disorder.

<quote=you>How interesting! But... What does that do :( </quote=you>

To simplify WCD is the "brain" of the Demented world. However it depends entirely on the players Health and Sanity (We will get to that in a moment). Now what does WCD do? It:

<list> </list>

  • Changes the world (A wall was there buddy? Well now it isn't.)
  • Changes the perception of many things
  • Spawns Critters (Critters are the "monsters")
  • Adds "corruption" to the world
  • Plays trick with your mind
  • Controls the power system
  • More to come Also we have System Shutdown or SS which shutdowns the power and brings it back at random intervals Random.Range(45, 210); All of this is to made it as much as random as possible. Now, back to Sanity our core Gameplay element.


    <quote=you>Sanity... I've heard about that a bunch of time, what is unique here?</quote=you> Sanity controls you. It will decide many things, and you can even use it to your advantage. But what is it actually? The main character is Bennet Helms has a brain tumor on the cerebral part of the brain (The part which controls communication, feelings, sense of reality, etc.). The tumor however can be contained with constant taking pills. Now, the effects of the Sanity:
    • Makes the player hallucinate things.
    • Spawns critters ("They can, and they will hurt you", the lower the sanity the more critters will come to hunt you)
    • Decreased vision field. (Depends on the %(percentage) of the players sanity)
    • Lowers your mental condition (Highlighting of things will be drastically decreased)
    • 45% Critters starts start spawning
    • 25% - Walk/Sprint slower
    • 15% - Disabling the ability to sprint
    • 10% - Black/White picture
    • 5% - "C-Condition" - You will be very fast, you will ignore pain of the critters (This means you won't be effected if a critter pushes you, for example but you will receive damage), ability to see far objects, medication will be highlighted.
    • *By hurting yourself you can go down to 15% of your HP (hitpoints). Every self-injury gives the sanity bar 20% sanity but you lose 7-12% of your HP, but the lower your HP is, the slower you walk, and sprint.
  • You cannot injure yourself if you have more then 75% of sanity.


    <quote=you>Radiation in a horror game! Wow, but... how does that work?...</quote=you> Radiation is also a strong part of the game, as it can be rewarding but can be quite opposite as well. Also it can stop decaying of Sanity but as the Radiation is higher it will hurt you too! Since it is a big part we cannot reveal all of the effects of the radiation. Some effects of Radiation are: <list></list>
  • Slows, or stops sanity from decaying. Depends on the percentage of the radiation. If you are irradiated with more then 75 REMs of radiation your sanity doesn't decay anymore. Even with little radiation you lose bits of health. It depends on the percentage of the radiation. If the player, for example has 100REMs he will lose 0,715 HP per second. (Radiation ÷ (60seconds * 2,33)).
  • 40+ REMs - Occasionally image blurring, and noises in head.
  • 85+REMs - Walk/Sprint a lot slower, bad reflexes, decreased hearing. This is all for now, if you have any questions fell free to ask us ;) <quote=bennet>Demented - "Every corner, every corridor, every wall, they all have their stories. It is just the fear of the unknow that is frightening"</quote=bennet>
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